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It's not about running

It's not about running

Everyone will have to think about ways to move more. For example, walking more can be a good program to improve your physical fitness levels.

Aim for 100 steps per minute. If you're just getting started, your fitness-making pace might be slower. On the other hand, if you're already used to walking at 100 steps per minute, you might need to walk faster.  

If you can't walk faster than 100 steps per minute, choose uphill or staired routes, or carry a load to challenge your fitness level. 


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Incorporating incidental physical activity into our routines

  • Replace short car trips with fast walking, or cycling;
  • Walk up the stairs at a fast pace instead of using the elevator;
  • Vigorous walk at a pace of about 130-140 steps per minute;
  • Look for opportunities to walk uphill;
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Change the way you practice

Change the way you practice

Repeating anything over and over might not be the best way to master that task. If you practice a slightly different version, you will learn more and faster. For example, if you want to master a new presentation:

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What is VO2 Max and What It Is Not?

What is VO2 Max and What It Is Not?

  1. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during exercise.
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