11. Focus on relaxation. - Deepstash
11. Focus on relaxation.

11. Focus on relaxation.

Men like to get excited for better sex, but women are more likely to get in the mood through relaxation. “Wash her hair in the shower or massage her scalp to relax her,” 


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Hey dudes over there! Tips to improve your libido.

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Hints And Tips

Hints And Tips

Breath through your nose, not your mouth.

Wash hair lukewarm warm water.

Use small amount of shampoo, activate with water. You can build it up. Less is more.

T-shirt to wrap hair after shower. Don't use towel.

Blow dry hair on medium the scalp then the ends. Use hot heat a...

Oilier Hair

Oilier Hair

Very oily hair may look greasy a few hours after washing, particularly in the summer or after a workout. People with very oily hair might choose to wash their hair daily or every other day.

People with very oily scalps may develop acne

List of oils

List of oils

  • Red pimento growth oil
  • Black castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • Jasmine oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Tea tree oil

Massage oils gently into scalp minimum 20 minutes before shower, massage with your finger tips and palms, oils should be warm so pour pea size amount of ...

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