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Rewarding for Short Impulses

Rewarding for Short Impulses

Any research initiated work becomes a rigmarole, so dissect the time period into multiples, also after completing a mediocre task reward yourself. You would love the rewarding system.


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An inevitable search for Attitude, Psychology and Startups

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3. Celebrate and reward yourself for your accomplishments

3. Celebrate and reward yourself for your accomplishments

Rewarding yourself is the best part of practicing self-love. When you reward yourself, you're telling yourself that you're worthy of love and special treatment. Just think about how you might celebrate with a friend who'd just accomplished something amazing, then go out and do that for yourself.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

This productivity technique combines single-tasking with a built-in reward system. 

Set an alarm for 25 minutes and work on a specific task without stopping. When the timer rings, reward yourself with a 5-minute break, then restart the cycle. After repeating the cy...

The Brain Loves Novelty And Ease

The brain loves rewards, which it associates with novelty and happiness. If one focuses on the reward that comes when completing a task, it becomes enticing, and doesn’t take much effort. If one focuses on the challenges or on the effort required to complete the task, it ...

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