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Stop Wasting Life (Time)

Stop giving your by-born wealth to anybody who comes and asks for it. The social media notifications, party-hooked & dumb friends are all the negatives which suck your essentials from your timeline.


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An inevitable search for Attitude, Psychology and Startups

The Fertile Meadows of Pleasure!!!

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Core Factors In A Happy Life

Core Factors In A Happy Life

Research shows 70% of your happiness comes from quality relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Yet, the biggest factor that interferes with your relationships is your phone. The internet. Social media.

Spend Less Time on Social Media as Much as You Can

Spend Less Time on Social Media as Much as You Can

Most of the negative influence comes from social media. Greed, jealousy, hatred, ignorance and competition all grow from social medias without a doubt.

Interestingly, when we will spend lesser time on social medias, we will notice that your cravings will be chopped down a lot as we won't vi...

Turn Off Your Notifications

Turn Off Your Notifications

When you stop notifications from disturbing your normal routine, you might find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks and not get distracted so easily. Notifications are a constant reminder that something is happening in the online world and you might feel like you're missing out. So to

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