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The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect occurs when we generalize a person’s Central Traits. For example, if someone is perceived as basically “good” or “likeable”, then we tend to interpret all their behaviour as such. They can do no wrong! Similarly, someone perceived to be “bad” will tend to be disliked whatever they do!


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The halo effect

The halo effect

The halo effect is a cognitive bias. It causes people to assume something because of their impression of other aspects of it. For example, people think someone will have an interesting personality simply because they find the person attractive.

We can find the hal...

Using The Halo Effect

Using The Halo Effect

We often attribute characteristics to someone based on one single characteristic. Let’s say someone is attractive: You tend to think they are also smart, rich and live a good life even though you don’t know.

Be aware of that...

Halo effect: Related concepts

  • The halo effect in marketing: The halo effect can also influence how we judge things, such as products and companies. For example, if you have a positive impression of a specific brand, you're more likely to buy products from that brand.
  • The horns ...

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