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Meditation For A Good Night

Meditation For A Good Night

Learn to calm your mind on demand, and you’ll find it easier to drift off at night.

If you’re new to meditation practice, it helps to find a point of focus. It could be the sound of your breath or a simple phrase that you repeat in your head, like “I am at peace.”

At first, you may struggle to tune out your thoughts. It’s OK to stop after a minute or two -- but try again the next night. Over time, you’ll be able to meditate longer.


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Tips for a good night: Learn how to slow your thoughts so you can finally get some rest.

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How To Have a Good Night

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Improving sleep through mindful breathing exercises

Practicing stress reduction and relaxation techniques

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine

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3-minute a day mindfulness practice

Try to find everyday 3 minutes to sit, breath and relax. "The goal is to create a practice rather than an intention" says Stensby.

Don't start with a 30 minute a day meditation because you will lose interest and motivation. Instead meditate for just 3 minutes,

How to prepare for a good night: Stop reading work emails

Figure out a boundary that works for you (as soon as you leave the office for example) and stick to it.

If you have to, let your team at the office know that you simply won’t be checking your emails at night.

Preparing For A Good Night: Immediately After Work

Preparing For A Good Night: Immediately After Work

  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol may make you drowsy, but the sleep you get won’t be restful. Stop consuming it at least two hours before bed.
  • Have a healthy dinner.

    When you need a snack closer to bedtime, reach for something light and healthy.

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