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Honesty And Authenticity: Definitions

An honest person is one who is sincere and truthful. An authentic person is one whose behavior reflects his or her deep feelings, core values, and inner qualities.

Therefore, authenticity includes more than the frank expression of what comes to mind. After all, an individual’s true self consists of many changing thoughts, feelings, and identities, some of which he or she may not be conscious of or understand.

In fact, it is even possible to be authentically dishonest, meaning to tell lies in a way that feels true to oneself.


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Both honesty and dishonesty may be necessary in the pursuit of a genuine and coherent self.

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Defining Authenticity

  1. Authenticity is being true to yourself: But if the ‘self’ is changing, how is one authentic to the past, present or future self at the same time?
  2. Authenticity is being sincere: It is about saying what we mean, and meaning what we say.

Feeling and being authentic

Several studies have shown that people’s feelings of authenticity are often shaped by something other than being true to their unique qualities

Paradoxically, feelings of authenticity seem to be related to a kind of social conformity. The more we conform to social convention...

The Authenticity Revolution

The meanings of authenticity that concern the inner life are now fading away. They are being replaced by a new concept of authenticity - ‘performative authenticity’.

Each person is enjoined to stand out from the crowd, to achieve something special and extraordinary. Authen...

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