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How To Build Muscle

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Importance of rest and recovery

Effective workout routines

Proper nutrition for muscle building

How To Build Muscle

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Audience Research

Conduct demographic research:

  • Which platform(s) are your target audiences hanging out in?
  • How do they engage on those platforms?


  • Gen-Z: Tiktok
  • Professionals: LinkedIn, Medium


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Building Blocks of Content Strategy

Content Pillars: What category/buckets does your content fall into?

Distribution Channels: Where are you going to distribute the content?

Topic Ideas: Where are you going to find ideas?

Audience Research: Where ...


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Topic Ideas

Some sources:

  • Answer The Public
  • TubeBuddy (for YouTube)
  • Noticing current conversations on Quora, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

As you find ideas and topics, think about:

  • Are any of these relevant to your brand?
  • How can you reframe this from your p...


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Content Pillars

  • What do you want people to associate your brand with? Keep to 1 - 3 pillars to prevent confusion
  • Pillars should support your overall brand and messaging
  • Pillars should be tied back to your offers (products and services)

Recommended rea...


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Strategies VS Tactics

Strategies: Long-term decisions like planning your content calendar

Tactics: Short-term decisions like optimizing content formats for the algorithm

  • Nail your strategies first, then use them to inform your tactics.
  • Don't force strategies o...


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Distribution Channels

Focus on:

  • 1 long-form channel (YouTube, blog, etc.)
  • at least 1 short-form channel (Twitter, Tiktok, etc.)

Focus on long-form content first. Make it well-thought-out and valuable to your audience. Why:

  • Drives content & SEO...


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Developer of solutions, people, and self / Living in 7 countries in 4 years of CS undergrad at Minerva University / Intentional living newsletter 👇🏼

As a beginner (noob), this video provides a good overview of what I should be thinking about when crafting a content strategy.

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