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Position Yourself

People need to understand the value that you can provide to the companies that may hire you. Being good at design is awesome, but it only works if other people know how good you are and what kind of value you can provide.

Two ways to position yourself

  • Create content/ a brand
  • Become an expert and showcase your skills


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These tips can help you make more money in the world of design

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Creating content that focuses on the customer's interests and needs can increase the customer's confidence and trust in you. 

You can hire a web design agency to help create marketing content that meets your target audience's demands.

3. Bottom of the funnel

3. Bottom of the funnel

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Your Skill Inventory

  • Your skill sets are of no value if no one knows about them, and sometimes we ourselves do not know the value of our unique skills.
  • Updating your resume regularly with a clear list of your old and new skills helps you understand and shape yourself ...

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