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8. Go For A Walk.

8. Go For A Walk.

 Walking is a way of resting and it allows you to feel refreshed.

Only ideas had while walking have any worth - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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Stoic strategies to eliminate anxiety.

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Walking For Clear Mind

An outdoors walk lets us clear our minds and delve deep into the present moment while being connected with nature and the sunshine. Deep breathing and relaxed pondering while taking a walk is therapeutic.

Friedrich Nietzsche reportedly walked eight hours a day with a pencil and noteboo...

Just Go Exercise

Just Go Exercise

While your mind may cook up excuses, it is a fact that any kind of exercise, even walking for a short while will make you feel better, and will increase your heart rate. It is even better with friends, at the gym, with music on.

Walk without a plan

When going on a long walk, there is nothing to achieve. The beauty is in the walking itself, in noticing the air, marveling at the oak trees.

It is while we are absorbed in the landscape that ideas arrive. Stories unfold. Poetry and rhyme, answers to dreaded questions.

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