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The Binge Fallacy

The Binge Fallacy

The idea that once you make a mistake, you might as well just go all out and get back on track later. This is extremely common when people are attempting to break bad habits.

This can eventually result in a complete loss of self-control related to the habit, as well as shame and hopelessness.

To overcome this, establish a stronger reason for why you are doing something by imagining the future if you never achieved it. You can write it down to reread every time you need a boost of motivation.

Learn from your past mistakes, and try to grow from them.


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Hey there! I’m twenty years old and like to make summaries of self-improvement topics I find interesting. Best of luck leveling up your life, hopefully my efforts will help you out.

Here’s a summary of KennysFit’s video on how to improve your consistency when it comes to achieving goals.

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