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How the new virus is changing the recruiting and hiring process

How the new virus is changing the recruiting and hiring process

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Adapting the interview process

Face-to-face interviews are not really possible and recommended anymore, and everybody’s been replacing them with their video equivalent.
How a company adapts its interview process can be a preview to its culture: by accommodating different comfort levels, companies aren’t just saying they have a good culture; they’re showing it.

The new status quo

In the past, 44% of companies wouldn’t entertain remote working, and now pretty much every company has to do it.
Companies will have to see that their employees can be productive at home. Some companies will flourish and new ways of working and new technologies will emerge.

Looking locally first

Because of social distancing, many companies are pulling back on national or global advertising. They started limiting their geographic search and are now looking locally first.
This could be good news for internal candidates, many of whom are getting a closer look.

New onboarding process

The onboarding process for newly hired candidates is becoming virtual, too. 

You need to offer plenty of resources and information, with scheduled conversations through video. You need to introduce a routine into their lives.

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