Shrinking the physical distance

Technology helps us to still be very close to others socially, as long as we use it to shrink our distance from others.

Engage in more deep and intimate conversation, or connect through a more intimate medium that uses your voice rather than text.

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Barriers to reaching out

Even in times of isolation, you can do more good than you may think by reaching out to others. And before that, you have to get over the impulse to underestimate how positively others will respond to your action.

We fear how the other person will respond. We think, Will this be awkward? Will they want to talk to me? But these concerns are exaggerated and they build a misplaced psychological barrier to reaching out to others.

Underestimating how others will respond to us reaching out does not end with more meaningful conversations; it extends to almost any action we perform to reach out and connect positively with others: expressing gratitude to another person, writing compliments, performing random acts of kindness, etc.

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When you click with someone

When you click with someone, everything the other person says rings true. Your speech rhythms match and conversation flow without a single awkward silence.

If you feel like you're "on the same wavelength" with someone, there's a good reason for that. Neuroscientists call it interpersonal synchronization.



We want to be liked, or at least accepted by other people, In order to not break these norms, we sometimes act like we’re treading on eggshells.”

The Joy Of Talking On The Phone

In 2020, both Verizon and AT&T, two of the biggest telecommunication giants in the US, have reported a huge spike in wireless calls as well as in WiFi calling, with the length of the calls also showing a big jump.

This is surprising because most people had reduced their actual talking time in favour of email and instant messaging (iMessage and Whatsapp).

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