Traits Of Engaging Conversationalists

  1. They display genuine interest in what their partner is saying. They actively listen, rather than simply waiting for their own turn to speak.
  2. They demonstrate attention by looking directly at the speaker.
  3. They ask questions and go deeper into topics of others to not monopolize the exchange.
  4. They can skip the small talk for more substantial matters.
  5. They entertain and engage bytelling stories and are good at bringing them up in conversations.
  6. They pay attention to their energy, body language and tone of voice to bring their statements to life.
  7. To avoid losing the focus and attention of their conversational partner, theykeep the conversation flowing and don’t pause for too long or focus on dull topics. 

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7 Habits of Irresistibly Engaging Conversationalists

7 Habits of Irresistibly Engaging Conversationalists