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The hiring process

When we hire, we tend to hire by someone's resume and skill and their past results. And we hire also by how good their are at interviewing.

Getting to know your candidates

You can go through the traditional way of hiring: "Show us your resume", "Tell us your biggest weakness" etc.

But it is better to treat the hiring process like a marriage: get to know your candidates, go out for lunch with them, figure our if you want to hang out with them and see if they fit into your already created company culture.

Rushing into hiring

Most companies hire too quickly.

And if you do that, make sure that everybody has at least a six-month trial, for you to test them out and for them to test you out. This way, you can know them in real time, when you're doing actual work.

Simon Sinek

"True leaders understand that their responsibility is to take care of their people, just like a parent: to see them gain skills, to put them in situations where they get to discover more than they though they were capable of."


Misunderstanding leadership

Misunderstanding leadership

Leaderships is one of the most misunderstood responsibilities in business.

Many people confuse leadership with rank or authority.

True leadership

True leadership doesn't happen when we're in charge; it happens when we take care of those in our charge.

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