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Acceptance of our feelings

Acceptance helps us acknowledge our feelings and give them an outlet.

Acceptance can take many forms, such as meditation or self-reflection, or just admitting to ourselves that we are stressed, sad, and angry.


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"Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth

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Mindfulness and meditation practice helps us take care of our mind and make it de-stressed. One should be aware of one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours, checking if anything is out of control.

Leaders and managers must listen to the employee and take concrete steps to ensure that they d...

What is emotional acceptance?

What is emotional acceptance?

Often we have an uncomforable feeling, such as sadness, fear or shame, our first reaction is to reject that feeling. 

We may tell ourselves that feeling is a bad feeling that we do not want to have. Then we may do something to try to get rid of the feeling, such as trying to push it awa...

The Cult Of Productivity

The Cult Of Productivity

Our fascination with productivity is making us depressed, stressed out, and physically ill.

For ages, as if high productivity were what truly counts in life, we have followed ever-increasing milestones. In the end, we just managed to make ourselves sad.

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