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When “Grin and Bear It” Isn't the Right Answer

When “Grin and Bear It” Isn't the Right Answer



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Tricking ourselves into feeling better

Tricking ourselves into feeling better

A study shows that people who were tricked into smiling had lower heart rates during stressful tasks and were more likely to emerge feeling positive.

Your brain wants to line up with what you feel and believe. It means that we can trick ourselves into feeling better by acting that way.



Acceptance of our feelings

Acceptance helps us acknowledge our feelings and give them an outlet.

Acceptance can take many forms, such as meditation or self-reflection, or just admitting to ourselves that we are stressed, sad, and angry.


Being in touch with our emotions and not acting on them is exhausting

It's impossible to experience the weight and not get a little crushed by it. Nor is distraction alone sufficient.

A combination of distraction and acceptance can work well. Distraction can be used intelligently. Taking a few hours off to refuel is different than checking out for weeks. We can also create a private space to voice our emotions. The key is to be able to accept that things are really hard right now. When we do things that make life worth living, it becomes worth living again.



Perfect Vs Good Enough

For work that is not mission-critical, sometimes it is better to be just good enough, instead of being perfect.

Striving for 'Good Enough' instead of perfect can increase productivity if done...

Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product is the simplest, most basic form of a product or service, which can be sold in the market. This doesn't have all of the bells and whistles but has enough features to work. Basically, it is good enough but not perfect.

Releasing an MVP allows one to get feedback at an early stage, and improve the product later on.

First of its Kind

If a product is being launched in the market that is new and does not have competition, then launching it with bare minimum features is the right way.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy does not work for a generic product.

'Clean eating' is the most widely followed diet

'Clean eating' is the most widely followed diet

Clean eating can best be described as a holistic approach to finding foods that are fresher, less processed, and a higher quality. The broader idea comes from the belief that your ...

Clean eating mindset

Clean eating is about choosing whole foods and ingredients, products that are minimally processed, and as additive-free as possible. It is not a punishing mindset, but a prioritising one:

  • Whole foods and ingredients first.
  • Minimally processed foods made with whole and familiar ingredients.
  • Where possible, avoid synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, as well as artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours.

The practice also promotes home-cooking and developing a culture of food that leads to meals that taste great and are better for you.

What clean eating is not

  • It's not a hard science. It is a conceptual framework to help navigate the vast food choices available.
  • Exclusive and judgmental. It's not an all-or-nothing approach, nor a tool by which to measure someone's value.
  • Versus "dirty." Clean eating can only be contrasted with "messy," where western diets are complicated and confusing.
  • Inflexible. It is an inclusionary approach that you can adapt, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, or simply choose not to eat certain foods.
  • Only about avoiding processed foods or chemicals. It is about moving toward quality and making the healthiest choice.

We see ‘change’ as the magical answer to everything in life

  • “I just need a change of scenery.”
  • “A new home will make us happier.”
  • “A new relationship will make me feel whole again.”
  • “I feel stuck in my job. I should get a ne...

Change is great, but not if you don’t get better from it

If you can’t think of a good outcome, stop trying to change. Because change is only good for one reason: Improvement.