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Time commitment to get started: Medium

Type: Abstract, visual, tactile

Perfect for people who: Feel overwhelmed with the number of things they need to do

What it does: Keeps track of everything you need to get done in the simplest way possible.

Take it everywhere. This system only works if you can review and add tasks no matter where you are.

Capture everything. Get in the habit of getting everything out of your head the moment you think of it.

Break it up into small tasks and make them actionable. Make sure every task on your list is a concrete action you can reasonably complete in an hour or less.

Prioritize. Start off accepting that you won’t get everything done.

Get to to-do list zero daily. You won’t get everything done, but you should still get to an empty to-do list at the end of the day.

Get consistent feedback. Review what you’ve accomplished on a regular basis.


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Digital Wellbeing

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How to manage digital distractions

The impact of technology on mental health

The importance of setting boundaries

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Time commitment to get started: Medium

Type: Abstract, visual, tactile

Perfect for people who: Have a lot of loose ends rattling around in the brain and need a way organize it all.

What it does: Gets your though...

Getting Things Done: the basics

  • Capture. Write down everything you need to do.
  • Clarify. Break down each task into an actionable next step. 
  • Organize. Move each of those actionable tasks onto a specific list: E.g: Action: Things to do next, Waiting For: Tasks or projects you’ve delega...

Break up large tasks into smaller tasks

Successful people understand that tasks need to be broken down into much more specific and measurable sub-tasks.

This often encourages you to get more done and feel accomplished and motivated by scratching to-do items off of your list.

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