How to stay focused in meetings

  • Don't bring your phone or laptop into the meeting.
  • Bring coffee and water to your meeting to keep your hands busy while you listen.
  • Develop a meditation practice where you notice your wandering thoughts and bring them back to the present.
  • Try to gamify your focus. Add a tally mark for every 5 minutes you stay focused.
  • Team up with a buddy and make a game of keeping each other focused.
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Creating a productive meeting culture

Most of us will struggle to stay focused during very long meetings - our attention is going to wander after an hour.
Long meetings could be a sign of failure of leadership to run efficient meetings. To change that, consider these questions:

  • Can a meeting be split into multiple smaller sessions focusing on specific topics relevant to everyone attending?
  • Can meetings happen regularly?
  • Can there be a 15-minute coffee break included every hour?
  • Could some of the information be conveyed in writing instead of in the meeting?
  • Can attendance be optional?

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Find the Fun

To create meaning in your tasks, find out why you need to do them. Then find ways to make each task fun. Owning a task in this way is likely to improve your focus.



Two significant challenges are destroying our ability to focus.

  1. We are increasingly overwhelmed with distractions from various connected devices.
  2. We rely excessively on meetings as the default form of interaction with other people at work. Studies reveal that we spend 35% -55% of our time on meetings.

    We need to set aside more time if we want to remain focused and productive at work.

    One on one meetings

    ...are held between a team leader and team member

    They are conversations that usually last no longer than 10 to 30 minutes where they discuss what is going well and what needs to change. 

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