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Teams with clarity

...know exactly what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and who’s responsible.

Mostly, teams get clarity from leaders who are habitual about creating it. 

And that takes commitment to three things: Clarity of purpose, clarity of plan, and clarity of responsibility.


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We are a group, not a team - something I never want to say about my colleagues.

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Clarity of responsibility

...answers the question of “who". When no one is responsible for something, it doesn’t get done. When two or more people share unclear responsibility, it still doesn’t get done.

The clarity of responsibility ensures that one person holds the ultimate responsibility for each piece of ...

Clarity, Discipline and Consistency

  • Clarity Of Why: Great leaders have a clarity of Why they are doing what they do. 
  • The Discipline of How: The Why is held accountable by how things are done, and it is the most challenging component. 
  • The Consistency of What: Your 'What' is the result of y...

Asking naive questions is a sign of thinking with clarity

Part of the value in asking naïve questions,is that it forces people to explain things simply, which can help bring clarity to an otherwise complex issue. “If I just keep saying, ‘I don’t get it, can you tell me why once more?,’ it forces people to synthesize and simplify—to strip away the irrele...

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