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Third issss....

Third issss....

Make it intresting: by making it intresting you does not want any effort to make you feel to do it . The examples to make it intresting is mix with it like calm music and if that work is not need very focus so you can do anything that make you feel that there were built a link between your habit and your current habit.


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Adding a new habit to your life

  • Identify a habit that you do every day. Make a list of all your current habits, to identify which would be suitable to stack new habits onto. It could be anything, as long as you perform it consistently. This habit will serve as your cue to start your new habit.

Identify Your Keystone Habits

Look for behaviors that have a ripple effect, and change your other behaviors without extra effort. 

Also, pay attention to how you see yourself when you do a particular habit: Does it change your self-image? Do you feel better when you think of yourself as a person?

Music, The Destroyer Of Peace

Music, The Destroyer Of Peace

What hapens when you listen to a music or a song you love?

It gets saved in your backend of brain and it stays there for long, if you consciously notice you will see that you are repeating the music or beats whole day.

Whats the problem?

When we meditate, we focus on our breathi...

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