Don't be afraid to follow up

If the answer is unsatisfactory, reframe the question or ask a follow-up question.

The ability to be direct about desiring clarification is a skill we can benefit from.

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Show the other party empathy. Validate their concern and give them your full attention.

Above all else, people want to know they are being heard. Every argument is about "Did you see me? Did you hear me?"

Before you have any conversation about hard topics, find areas of alignment.

In order to have an effective conversation, don't ask a question the other person is not willing to answer. When you desire a certain outcome, see where your goals and theirs align.

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Why Britain has a royal family

For centuries, virtually every country in the western world had some sort of king and royal family.

Some people in republics like France or the United States will say that clever people grew out of them. Monarchy lovers will respond that really clever countries kept their monarchies. They argue that royal families embody their country's human roots and identity. Brave kings and queens often become symbols of their nation's unity in times of war or crises.

What Do I Absolutely Love In Life?

List anything that you love about the world and the people in your life. Think about any activities that get you excited and enthusiastic and make you feel most alive. This can be absolutely anything: music, sports, cooking, teaching others, learning, watching movies—anything. Within your love for these things lies deep passion.

  1. Do not immediately jump to questions focusing on the topic at hand.
  2. Coax, don't hammer. There will be times that the interviewee will have a hard time answering some questions.
  3. Make some questions open ended.
  4. Ask what you don't know.
  5. Let the interviewees wander a bit, but always be in control.
  6. Tell the topics and subjects you wish to cover but don't send advance questions.
  7. Do not ask the questions that were already asked on previous interviews.
  8. Listen. They key is to pay close attention to what is not answered and make on-the-spot judgements on why that area was skipped or glossed.
  9. Try not to ask a question that your subject has already answered. It discloses that you really weren't listening after all.

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