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How to solve the situation

How to solve the situation

  • Get the facts
  • Analyse the facts
  • Arrive on a decision
  • Act on that decision

dale carnegie

Businessman who don't know how to fight worry, die young.


Some little but important insights.

Some little but important insights.

  • Don't increase your headaches with your income. 
  • Don't imitate others, Find yourself,Be yourself. 
  • Do a good deed everyday to put smile on random face. 
  • Expect ingratitude,its natural. Just give anything for the inner joy of giving. 
  • Count 90% blessings not 10% troubles. 
  • When criticised, remember - no one kicks a dead dog. 
  • Generally our fatigue is not caused by work, but by worry, frustration & resentment. 
  • Choose work that you enjoy doing. 
  • Be on budget, Spend wisely. 

<p><em>Happy the man, and Happ...

Happy the man, and Happy he alone,

He who can call to-day his own,

He who, is secure within can say,

Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today. 

4 Relaxing and Recreating Forces

4 Relaxing and Recreating Forces

  1. Healthy Religion (Have it or don’t)
  2. Good Sleep
  3. Good Music
  4. Good Laughter

Have these, Health and happiness will be yours. 

Dale carnegie

Live in Day-Tight Compartments

"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at distance but to do what lies clearly at hand"


3-Step formula to solve worry situation

1. Analyse the situation & think what Worst can happen.

2. Assume that the worst has happened. 

3. Now devote your time and energy to trying to improve the worst. 

It is difficult to worry while you are busy doing something that requires planning and thinking.

That's why there is always peace in libraries and laboratories.

2 things to aim in life

2 things to aim in life

  • To get what you want 

and after that

  • To enjoy it. 

Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. 

For every ailment under the sun

there is a remedy or there is none

if there be one, try to find it

if there be none, never mind it.


Good Working Habits

  • Clear your brain and desk of all things except those relating to immediate problem at hand.
  • Do things in order of their importance. 
  • When face a problem, solve it then & there.
  • Learn to Organise, Deputise & Supervise.  

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