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How To Start a Running Habit

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How To Start a Running Habit

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Ideas Are Cheap, Execution is Priceless

Ideas Are Cheap, Execution is Priceless

We’ve all had that one idea that we think would make us successful.

It’s so valuable to us that we keep it locked in our minds until we find a way to make it real. What we don’t realize is that this is not true at all.

We give too much importance to the idea, when in fact it has no value compared to the execution of it. So don’t treat it like it’s gold because…


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3. There are Tons of Free Ideas on the Internet

3. There are Tons of Free Ideas on the Internet

Ideas are so cheap that you can never really run out of them. People are literally giving away ideas on the internet.

Take advantage of the fact that we live in the golden age of information. The internet is an unlimited source of knowledge, you just have to know where to l...


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Sean salvador

Don't fall in love with your idea, instead, make it happen and fall in love with the results.



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1. Most Ideas Are Unrefined

1. Most Ideas Are Unrefined

Ask a good friend or a family member what they think about your idea. Listen to their input and consider their constructive criticism.


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2. Original Ideas are Rare

2. Original Ideas are Rare

Competition inspires innovation. It doesn’t matter if your grand idea is already taken and someone else is reaping its success.

Take the base of that idea and improve upon it. Find out what your competitors are doing wrong and where they’re falling short an...


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