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Don't Try To Imitate Steve Jobs' Management Style

A lot of people look at Jobs and think being headstrong is the way to go, but they haven’t understood the subtleties of his management skills.

Being headstrong worked for Steve. But that’s no reason it should work for someone else without also understanding the subtleties of his management skills.



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Insights on Steve Jobs's Management Style
  • He became more patient over his careerHe learned not to rush things that needed more work. He learned how to be more sensitive to the physical limits of people.
  • He overprepared for Apple presentations: Steve spent months preparing for his product intros and other public appearances, and rehearsed them exhaustively.
  • He helped employees In unexpected ways: after he got sick, helped several Apple employees and friends when they or their loved ones developed cancer.
  • He wanted to change the world: Steve was motivated more than anything to feel he had made a solid and positive impact on the world during his lifetime.
  • He didn't care what the public thought of him. At times, he was surprised to have hurt someone's feelings



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Steve Jobs' presentation style
  • A "Tweet-friendly headline" that summarises the product you're presenting: e.g.: "iPod: One thousand songs in your pocket."
  • Showing your passion: He acted excited and used words like "cool" or "amazing".
  • Ditching the power point: He kept the audience's eyeballs on him to keep them engaged.
  • Tailoring to the audience, in a manner that makes them more receptive listeners.
  • Preparing the presentation in advance: He wasn't born being a great communicator, he worked hard at it.




Steve Job's effectiveness boiled down to this:

He inspired team members first so that they were driven to live up to his exacting standards when the situation called for it.

Get this equation backwards and you will wonder why  your employees disengage or drop out when you present tough challenges. 




7 Laws of Success inspired from Steve Jobs
  • Follow your passions.  Without it, any rational person would give up.
  • Find your noble cause. For Jobs, making computers accessible to the average person wasn't just a business strategy; it was a calling.
  • Simplify everything and focus on the gems. You have only so much energy and attention to give to projects or projects.
  • Unleash your creativity. Creativity doesn't just happen. Expose yourself to ideas outside the field you're working in.
  • Create "insanely great" customer experiences. Hire for personality and culture fit first.
  • Don't introduce products; tell a story.
  • Sell dreams, not products. Your audiences don't care about your product, company or idea. They care about themselves, their hopes and their dreams.