Naghol: Land Diving

The legend of Pentecost gave birth to the ritual of naghol, or land diving, where men jump off a wooden tower to pray for a bountiful yam harvest, and to prove their manhood.

The world got to know about this in a BBC Documentary in 1950.

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Bungee Jumping: The Legend

An extreme form of sport that is relatively safe, bungee jumping has a brief, surprising history.

It has its roots in Pentecost Island in the Southern Pacific region. The old legend had a female victim of marital abuse jumping off a large tree with her feet tied to the vines, escaping the fall. The abusive husband who jumped after her died after hitting the ground.

Bungee Jumping was a stunt carried by David Kirke, the first bungee jumper, who jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol along with two other friends who were all members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club.

Even after being arrested and fined, they repeated the stunt on various other bridges, cranes and hot air balloons, making bungee jumping famous.

New Zealander AJ Hackett, the first mainstream bungee jumper, was jumping off bridges and even the Eiffel Tower in 1986, later opening the first commercial bungee jumping site in New Zealand, and is responsible for making this extreme sport popular across the world.

Captain Rahul Nigam introduced serious bungee jumping in Rishikesh, India, where he set up ‘Jumpin Heights’ a site where participants jumped 83 meters into the holy river Ganga.

He enlisted top experts from New Zealand to ensure safety.

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4 Lessons From Bungee Jumping
  1. Don’t overthink before deciding: On bungee jumping, the longer you wait to jump, the more you make excuses and convince yourself to back out.
  2. Live in the moment: Left hanging in mid-air while they pull you back up is an euphoric moment followed by feelings of peace and calm that you can appreciate because you are then living in the moment.
  3. Face your fears: you jump despite the fear and in the end you feel empowered and a sense of accomplishment. 
  4. Have faith that things will work out: people die bungee jumping but faith the cord won’t snap keeps people jumping regardless. 
The Parkour Performance
  • Parkour (or route) is a concept embraced by thrill-seekers and martial-art adepts and is a commando-style system of jumps, rolls and landings designed to navigate through any obstacle (like jumping from one rooftop to the other).
  • It is also a part meditative pursuit and relies on mental strength, agility and speed.
  • This movie-friendly stunt hobby is not for everyone, and the main obstacles that are engaged with are walls, stairwells, fences and gaps between roofs.
  • A ‘performance’ is considered elegant when it is efficient and fluid while crossing difficult terrain.
The P.A.U.L. method (10 minutes)

Choose one exercise for each of the following four categories:

  • P- Plyometric cardio (e.g., Jumping Jacks)
  • A- Abs (e.g., Plank)
  • U- Upper Body (e.g., Push-Ups)
  • L- Lower Body (e.g., Squats

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. After performing all four exercises, rest 30 seconds and start again

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