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1 - Maximum Price, Not Including Exclusivity Upsell :

1 - Maximum Price, Not Including Exclusivity Upsell :

Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you plan to offer in a multi-package session. Assuming an hourly rate of $250 and a four-hour package:

  • Hourly rate ($250) x 4 hours = $1,000

This should give you the upper limit of the price range (for a single customer) since this formula assumes no multi-session or session-sharing discount.





  1. It’s possible to make $20,000 in just four hours — per month.
  2. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, have advanced degrees, or spend years risking your life savings building a startup with a 90%+ chance of failure.
  3. My four-hour work month is made possible by one...

  1. Discounts: Proper pricing should take into account a session-sharing discount to ensure customers feel that they’re getting a bargain.
  2. Sweeteners: It should also cover the increased value o...

  1. Consider the level of personalization required from your services and determine how many people could realistically benefit from a joint session.
  2. That number may be five, ten, fifty, or maybe even unlimited — but ...

  1. Decide how many hours a client or customer needs to get a significant, worthwhile benefit from your services. Is it two, three, five, ten?
  2. Is there a natural progression to the service yo...

  1. Once you’ve done the pre-work, you’ll have a repeatable model and reusable content that can be monetized in a myriad of ways.
  2. This six-step strategy will grant you unlimited upside earning potential and the

Think about what service you have - to offer the world — this could be based on your personal or professional experience, and it can truly be anything.

  1. Now ABANDON the idea of 1-on-1 clients.
  2. Why? They’re the limiting factor in the equation of time and money.
  3. There’s no amount of money great enough to increase the number of hours you have in a week or a month, so taki...

  1. The exclusivity upsell accounts for the fact that this multi-session package offer is special.
  2. Perhaps it encompasses a more robust curriculum or wider set of services than months of 1-on-1 sessions would typically address. Or perhaps it

  1. Now that you’ve determined the upper limit of your individual customer pricing for the multi-package session, you can apply a session-sharing discount.
  2. Assuming the above $1,000 maximum multi-session package price and a 40% session-sharing discount:

  1. The formula below uses sample pricing and ballpark discounts and upsells to illustrate how this type of offer can easily generate $20,000 in just a few hours of your time.
  2. You can easily modify the formula below by pluggin...

  1. Decide on an hourly rate you feel comfortable with — this could be $100/hour, $250/hour, $500/hour, etc.
  2. When you decide on this hourly rate, think about how much value you’re offering a person who gets a full, undivided 1-on-1 hour of ...

But how the heck will you turn four hours and a $720 price tag into $20,000 in revenue? It’s actually easier than you might think.

  • $20000 / $720 = 27.78 (let’s round up to 28)

All you need is 28 people to sign up for your exclusiv...

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