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Exercise for a minute when you wake up

Exercise for a minute when you wake up

One single minute. Nothing more, even in your busy life you can find the time for that right? Just a few simple exercises, for example you can do 30 pushups or a 30 seconds of planking.

Exercising first thing in the morning get the blood flowing and gets you out of the morning fog you could be experiencing. If you prefer a full workout in the morning, go ahead with it. But even if you prefer the evening, 1 minute in the morning doesn’t hurt. It helps.


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Throw things away

Throw things away

If you never consciosly made an effort to throw something you had kept "because it could be usefull" Then try it today. Its liberating. you might get a tast for it and keep doing it. 

Either way, there’s a lot of rubbish you could throw away and that creates space. There’s also a lot of stu...


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Manage your money

Manage your money

This is not about investing, although that's also a good habit. This is about knowing where your money is coming from and going to. Most parents have this figured out, but many other people completely ignore this.

It doesn't take long. you can set up app, or go oldschool with pen and paper ...


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Discover one new thing a month

Discover one new thing a month

Drop all expectations and just discover something new each month. It could be driving you into a topic you've been curious about.

Either way, discovering something new is exciting. it's also useful because it keeps us curious and slowly expands our skills or knowlegde over time. Do it the w...


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Organize your home/bedroom

Organize your home/bedroom

If you never done it, try it. Wheter you've got space or not, you can easily reorganize your home/bedroom. Which way? thats on you.

You can set different spaces for different tasks (reading, working, meditating, sleeping).


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Prepare your clothes

Prepare your clothes

Simple but efficent, why would you wast some of your precious mental energy in thee morning when you could use whatever's left the previous night? It doesn't create havoc in your daily life, yet it helps you save your energy for what matters.


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Ask yourself whether what you're doing is worth it

Ask yourself whether what you're doing is worth it

There's a lot of actions we do that don't matter. To be more precise, many aren't worth our time. We finish hem and move on until we think back a week later thinking about how much time we wasted on it.

If you had to months left to live, would you be laying on the couch binge-watching the q...


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Make your bed

Make your bed

Start with a win by making your bed. Another simple habit to add. It doesn’t “change your life right away” but, again, that’s not the goal. All we want here is to slightly improve it without messing with our general flow.

Get up, make your bed, and then follow with loads of other wins for t...


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Spend a minute a day with yourself.

Spend a minute a day with yourself.

Just one, come on. I know you can do it. No phone. No computer. No tablet, nor friends or pets around. Just you and your thoughts. Do this while on the toilet if need be. Doing this a minute won’t change your life either but it’ll help you start being aware of what you think, instead of being on ...


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If a task takes 2 minutes, do it right away

If a task takes 2 minutes, do it right away

There’s a lot of advice about doing whatever takes less than 5 minutes right away. I disagree. 5 minutes is still quite some time and can mess the rest of my schedule. Instead, I’ve set 2 minutes as the higher limit to do right away.

If it takes 5 minutes, write it on a paper you hang in fr...


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Write three things you're grateful for

Hell start with one if need be. The goal is to always be looking for the positive in each day. Yes, that's also for when you had the worst day and want to punch the next person who even dares to look at you.

It's easy and helps reframe the bad days. When you struggle to find a postive aspec...


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Invest in experiences

Invest in experiences

How often do you spend money on objects? compare that number to how often you invest in experiences. what we rember isn't objects, its experiences. At best, objects help us remember some experiences.

Short-fun trips create memories and bonding experiences with friends for example.


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Stand up every hour

Stand up every hour

Try standing up it's simple and good for the body. The only hard thing is you might forget to stand up every hour.

You can try setting a reminder for yourself or if you have a smartwatch it will notify you that you have not moved.

The human body is not made for sitting on a ch...


93 reads

Drink more water

Drink more water

Another simple tiny habit. It's great for your health and you can get it pretty much anywhere. now i wonder, why aren't you already drinking more water? come on, stop reading for a second and do it.


105 reads

Read for 15 minutes a day

Read for 15 minutes a day

I know this one takes a bit longer but it's worth it. As Jim Kwik says all the time, "Leaders are readers." It's not just leaders, it's everybody who wants to live a better life. Whether you read fiction of non-fiction doesn't matter. Both have their advantages. What matters is you read.


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Refuse once a week

Refuse once a week

If you accept everything coming your way, you'll never have time for yourself. Create it by using whatever you're not excited about during the week. start by refusing once and see how liberating it is. You can also set higher limits of time for others, so there’s always so leeway for yourself.


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Turn off notifications

Start for an hour a day. if you can last longer, do it. This isn't as ahard as you think it is. The only reason you're not doing it is that "being reachable" has become a habit. 

It takes about 25 minutes to regain focus, even if you only look at a notification for a second. Erase those fo...


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Watch the news less.

Watch the news less.

Chances are you've already started doing it in 2020 to avoid the mess this year was. If not, start today. No matter how curious you are, you don't need to watch the news 3 times a day, let alone 10. If you can, only watch or read the news once, around midday. You probably don't need more.


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I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'm a lifestyle coach and fitness trainer, and I also write and take photographs. Check out the link below for more and follow me on twitter!

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