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Stoicism And Worrying

Stoicism is basically inner engineering, choosing our response and judgement towards external events that are not in our control.

It is the basis of modern psychological therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) and goes deep into how we behave towards unexpected and unforeseen blows of life.

The Premeditation Of Seneca

One of the fathers of the Stoicism philosophy, the Roman Statesman Seneca, suggested a Stoic technique called Premeditation.

The exercise involves imagining the worst-case scenario of your situation, like your partner leaving you, you catching a virus and dying, or your getting fired, or your house getting burned down. The next step is to rehearse how we will react to these misfortunes.

Casting oneself in dark, miserable, even desperate conditions and then seeing how we can endure them, creates an emotional protection shield around us.

Stoicism: A Primer

Stoicism: A Primer

  • Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that has recently gone mainstream. It is a kind of premeditation that involves reframing our attitude towards external events.
  • Stoicism states that nothing is good or bad, valuable or miserable in itself, and it is our assumptions, beliefs and thought patterns that colour the world around us.
  • If we have control of our feelings, emotions and the mind in general, we would cease to be judgemental, happy or miserable.

Embrace Your Worrying Mind

The Stoic practice of catastrophizing, that is manoeuvring the potential dangers and troubles we will experience during the day or the mean and rude people we will encounter, loads our brain with a kind of anti-anxiety potion, that helps us face the day with ease.

We prepare our worrying mind to face the day's problems and are mentally prepared to handle the unexpected.

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