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Depression and Motivation

Depression and Motivation

One of the key features of depression is the lack of motivation to do things that you know you should really do. Depression is a vicious cycle. It includes avoidance, isolation, self-criticism, perfectionism, and hopelessness. 

We can add lack of motivation to this vicious cycle because when you lack motivation, you end up not doing the things that you need to do to build self-esteem, to overcome avoidance, to build your support network so that you don't fall into a rabbit hole of hopelessness.


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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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Understanding the importance of decision-making

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Ignoring Your Health

Lack of proper sleep, rumination, poor hydration, lack of exercise, overconsumption of carbohydrates or stimulants, all will leave you demotivated and decrease your self-esteem, leading to depression. Which restarts the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and negative energy levels.


Waiting for Motivation

Waiting for Motivation

Self-disciplined people view motivation as extra credit — nice to have when it shows up, but never to be expected or counted on.

Feeling a surge of motivation is not required to do hard things.

Self-disciplined people don’t fall into this trap because they ...

Finding Motivation

  • Lack of motivation is not laziness, it's your brain conserving energy when your mood is low.
  • Start with small, simple goals and build momentum from there.
  • Connect tasks to things you care about, that internal drive is stronger than pressure.
  • Build routines and hab...

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