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How to Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

How to Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

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How to Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

How to Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

People who are depressed often don't feel motivated to do what they should. But a lack of motivation need not prevent positive action.

A commitment to one's values and goals can help drive action even when motivation is lacking.

Taking action can itself increase motivation, and self-reward can help sustain positive behaviors


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Depression and Motivation

Depression and Motivation

One of the key features of depression is the lack of motivation to do things that you know you should really do. Depression is a vicious cycle. It includes avoidance, isolation, self-criticism, perfectionism, and hopelessness. 

We can add lack of motivation to this vicious cycle because when you lack motivation, you end up not doing the things that you need to do to build self-esteem, to overcome avoidance, to build your support network so that you don't fall into a rabbit hole of hopelessness.


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Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

Build Motivation to Overcome Depression

Here's some techniques that you can start using to turn your motivation on its head:

  1. You don't need to wait for motivation to actually do something. Commit to action and values rather than waiting for the motivation to show up.
  2. Action creates motivation. We typically think of motivation as preceding behavior, but motivation may result from activity as well. 
  3. Choose your purpose. Set goals you want to accomplish in the next day, week, month, and year.
  4. Reward yourself for every step forward


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Psychotherapist, CBT fanatic, community organizer, active citizen

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