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Crafting Your Story

  • Ask yourself what is the social impact story you want to tell, its title, main characters and audience. Figure out the desired outcome.
  • Keep your narrative vivid and relatable to the audience, showing them the impact of your work.
  • Ensure your story is linear and has certain milestones that help the audience follow through.

Delivering The Message

  • Even if public speaking isn’t something that you excel at, you can craft stories, newsletters, emails, blogs, press releases and grant applications.
  • Social media is designed for storytelling, and you can broadcast to a wide audience with Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use an audio or video message to showcase the impact of your work, and use it as an instant story tool to new audiences.
  • Read your favourite storybooks and listen to TED talks that deliver great, impactful stories, learning new methods to fine-tune your message.

The Right Audience

One needs the right audience to deliver a good story:

  1. A job interview requires you to use your storytelling skills to highlight your past success in a compelling and confident manner.
  2. A presentation does not have to be facts and figures, but a backdrop of your story, illustrating your words as you narrate it.
  3. While reaching out to an external audience, one needs to understand the issues they face and make it personal for them in your narration.

Storytelling and Social Impact

Storytelling and Social Impact

The ability to tell a compelling and evocative story is a critical part of our work, especially if it is related to creating a social impact.

Communicating with clients, potential donors, bank loan officials, remote co-workers, and supervisors can benefit from effective storytelling.

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