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  1. There is unlimited abundance in the universe. Love is like that.
  2. Learn to love yourself and you will be amazed at how that opens so many doors in life.
  3. If you are going to love others, you must first love yourself.
  4. When you love yourself, you are free from self-doubts and insecurities that limit your ability to both love you and others.
  5. When you can truly love yourself, you are free to go out into the world and love other people.


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Love Floats Through All of Us

Take my hand, love

Can you feel the power

Flowing between both of us

The electric spark

The energy from the stars

Born during the Big Bang

Lasting eternally.



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The Source of All Abundance is Self-Love

The Source of All Abundance is Self-Love

  1. It doesn’t come over night, but with practice, you will start to feel it also.
  2. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
  3. It is also the source of all abundance.
  4. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It will give you the powe...


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Love yourself, love others, and remember the universe provides

Love yourself, love others, and remember the universe provides

  1. Always remember the universe is filled with love.
  2. Love yourself and tap into it.
  3. Once you learn how great it is to love yourself, love others.
  4. Send the love back out into the universe like a lighthouse. Remember th...


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Wayne Dyer

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”



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The secrets to living a happy life

The secrets to living a happy life

There are 2 types of people :

  1. The one type usually have a negative outlook and dwell on limitations and problems - usually stay where they are and never make a move to improve their conditions.
  2. The second type of person sees opportunities and hope, even when things are bleak -...


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Love, self

When you know that there is always more to come, your life becomes better.

When I know love will never leave me if I love myself, I don’t fear being unloved. When I do that, I open myself up to love from others. It is attractive without being promotional.



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  1. Just repeating “I love you” to yourself daily until you start believing it plugs you into the river of love that is flowing all around us.
  2. It is like electricity or radio waves. If we don’t take the action to tap into all the love the surrounds us by loving...


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Lawyer turned Artist Visionary Curator & Gallerist. Empowering self-love and joy through art & words. www.innerjoyart.com 💝 Instagram : dymphna.art

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