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4. Write more compelling case studies

4. Write more compelling case studies

It is important to show your customers where people are getting the most value. But do not just do this by showing them reviews. 

Try your best to create data dashboards of your websites or content data and show them where they should go. This way, customers are more inclined to view content everyone appears to be liking. 


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Continue to nurture relationships with your customers so you can remain in their minds.


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QR Code Trends Are Shaping Marketing

QR Code Trends Are Shaping Marketing

Everyone today always has their smartphone, most phones have a decent camera, & that camera is capable of doing more than just opening websites. Most smartphone models now come with a built-in QR scanner on the camera app. For those that don’t, there are 3rd party apps.

Not only is it easie...

Phase 4: Nail the Business Model

  • Your business model is the map of how you create value and deliver it to customers. In this phase, we will conduct financial analysis to verify business viability, launch your product and go-to-market strategy, and then develop a dashboard to monitor your progress forward.

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