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How To Live A Long Life

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How To Live A Long Life

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  • Today's modern world is full of worry and competition. You compare yourself, your stats and results with others'. Unwanted news and social media make us feel unsatisfied with our lives and vulnerable to negativity.


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How Expecting Best Works.

How Expecting Best Works.

The methods are both 'scientific' and 'psychological':

  • Scientific: When you continuously perform a newly introduced action, your brain forms freshly new neural paths and your body becomes habitual in its response. Thus thinking positively will lead to...


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Expect The Best And Get It

Expect The Best And Get It

This universe responds to your vibrations. Vibrations are your deep rooted thinking patterns. The way you think, this universe responds to you. Positive thinking brings out extacy while negative patterns drains your energy. You must keep deep faith in ...


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Never mention the worst and never think of it. Drop it out of your consciousness.

In doing so your thought will turn what's the best and become conditioned to its realisation. This practice will bring all of your power to focus upon attainment of the best. It will bring the best to ...


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<ul><li>Let there be no though...

  • Let there be no thought in your mind that the worst will happen. Avoid entertaining the concept of the worst because whatever you take into your mind can grow there.
  • Know what you want and be specifically positive about it.
  • Put all your consciousness towards something that yo...


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William james

" Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensure the successful outcome of your venture"



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Why Is It Difficult To Be Positive

Why Is It Difficult To Be Positive

  • Our brain is a material thing. It believes what it sees and touches through our senses. So, it becomes difficult to turn it around to optimism when situation is actually not very good.
  • On evolutionary grounds, our brain developed defense mechanisms. It primarily defends you. Conseque...


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The Great Law

The Great Law

A four word law packed with dynamic and creative force is - Faith Power Works Wonders.

Hold this thought in your mind, say it over and over again. Say it until your mind accepts it, until you believe it.

" I have...


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How To Be Positive And Expect Best.

How To Be Positive And Expect Best.

  • Change your mental habits to belief instead of disbelief. Learn to expect not to doubt. In doing so you bring everything into the realm of possibility.
  • Approach difficulty as a personal unity, the difficulty which itself is a demonstration of disunity will deteriorate.
  • Select...


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