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The 3 methods to 1000x your productivity

Time management is about organizing and optimizing the time you have at your disposal. Some traditional time management methods are:

  • Time Blocking - Used for dividing your day into blocks of time, in which you attribute a specific event, task, or activity to each block.
  • Timeboxing - Used for limiting an event, task, or activity to a specific amount of time.
  • Time Tracking - Used for keeping track of your time after you spend it for later analysis of how you can improve your time management.




MORE IDEAS FROM Simple Time Management

Construct a daily to-do list with four signifier columns.

  1. The first column is used to mark quick or easy tasks (group 1).
  2. The second column is used to mark cleaning or tidying tasks (group 2).
  3. The third column is used to mark lengthy or difficult tasks (group 3).
  4. The fourth column is used to mark fun or relaxing tasks (group 4).
  5. For all tasks you rapid log, put a mark into one and only one of these four columns (I use a checkmark). 

The process is to pick one task from each group for a total of four tasks. Do these four tasks to become a more efficient person.




“Zombie Mode” is what I call the state of being when I do not want to think and just want to be told what to do next. I have two collections to use when I am in this state -- one for workdays and one for non-workdays. They both contain lists of tasks to be completed for the day, in order, until I snap out of Zombie Mode or the day ends.

Before, when I was in Zombie Mode, I would just waste all that time playing on my phone or trying to motivate myself to choose something to work on.




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The wall of fame for the best time management techniques  

The wall of fame for the best time management techniques

Based on our research, testing and opinions of productivity experts, here are the best time management techniques you need to know:

• SMART Goals

• The Eisenhower Matrix / The Eisenhower box

• Kanban Board

• Do Deep Work / Avoid Half-Work or Shallow Work

• The Pomodoro Technique

• 7 Minute Life


• Do it now

• Pareto Analysis, 20/80

• Rapid planning method‍

Now let's dive deep into each one of them.




Time Management Techniques

Some of the best time management techniques are simple and straightforward, others a little bit complex, but all of them can actually be easily implemented into daily practice.

We decided to provide you with:

  • a detailed description of the 10 most useful time management techniques, but if you don’t find any of them the right fit for you,
  • we added a comprehensive list of all other time management techniques we found out there with a short description and a link to more information, if available.




Time Management Is Not A Solution

Most people want more done during the course of the day, feeling productive if they have checked more boxes out of their to-do list. Time management has been a fad for a long time, equating productivity with the number of hours spent working.

The way we approach time management is proving to be a vicious circle of wasting time managing time, turning it into a problem rather than a solution towards productivity.