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Fasting Basics

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Jin Shin Jyutsu: An Introduction

Jin Shin Jyutsu: An Introduction

  • Babies suck their thumbs seeking comfort.
  • Politicians speak with their hands close to their bodies to calm themselves down.
  • And walkers make fists to carry themselves forward more safely. All of them, though they’re unaware, are using a form of Jin Shin Jyutsu , an ancient physio-philosophy of general health based in finger exercises. It is one of the simplest of methods for stabilizing the body’s energy.


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Well What Are The Rules?

Well What Are The Rules?

The philosophy teaches no fixed rules as to the time that should dedicated to each of the exercises, but about 5 minutes each will suffice. When the body is in a more balanced state, the practitioner will naturally know how long to spend on each finger.

Continue reading next stash for the method.


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  • For worry: hold thumb
  • For fear: hold index finger
  • For anger: hold middle finger
  • For sadness: hold ring finger
  • For added strength: hold ring finger
  • For fatigue: press centre of the palm
  • How long should I hold? Hold for 1-3 minutes.
  • And then repeat on other hands.

Check out this small video for the demonstration: Demonstration


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Mneumonics To Help You Remember

Mneumonics To Help You Remember

Worry: Wild

Fear: Flowers

Anger: Ask

Sadnesss: Silly

Trying to: Things

In short: Wild flowers ask silly things

Hope this helps! Happy reading!


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When your energy flows, your life flows



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