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8 Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

8 Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview


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8 Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

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Remote interviewing is here to stay

The internet is full of tips for candidates seeking to stand out. However, employers also need to develop strategies to master remote interviewing to identify the top talent from a distance. 


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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is often more critical to success in the workplace than intelligence or IQ. EQ determines the ability to relate to others, navigate difficult situations with grace, and understand social cues in a virtual room.

Questions that can inform you about a person's EQ:

  • Tell me about a workplace conflict you were involved in. How did you manage it, and could you resolve it?
  • What inspires you?
  • Tell me about a time when you received feedback on your performance that you disagreed with.


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There is a certain intimacy that screens facilitate during a remote interview. The interviewer and interviewee sit close to one another's faces, creating a sense of psychological safety that allows people to open up more than otherwise.

Employers can use this phenomenon to draw candidates out more quickly. For example, you can immediately go to the interviewee's story - where they're from, their family, etc.


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The pandemic caused a huge number of challenges. Exploring how a person navigated the disruption of the pandemic can help you learn a good deal about someone.

For example, ask, "What was the biggest challenge you faced during Covid, and how did you overcome it?" Then pay attention if the answer is authentic. Does the candidate take a moment to reflect? What is the expression on their face, and does it match the tone of their voice?


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During a Zoom meeting, it may happen that the doorbell rings, a dog barks, or a child interrupt. Use it as an opportunity to see if they handle the disruption gracefully, as you'd want them to in front of a client or co-worker.

Or, ask them to tell you about their worst Zoom meeting. What happened, and how did they respond?


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You need a few minutes between each interview to get up and reflect on your thought and impressions.

Fewer factors will stand out in a video format, so pen down your impressions immediately.


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Remote interviewing makes a bad interview less likely. Take advantage of the medium and add some unconventional candidates.

It could be a high-potential candidate who lives in another country or a candidate you've identified through TikTok Resumes.


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The best candidates are bound to receive multiple offers.

How you as the interviewer present yourself - your background, how you dress, your tone and choice of interview questions will determine how your prospective employees view your organisation.


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