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Communicating with Nonverbal Cues: Examples of Body Language

Communicating with Nonverbal Cues: Examples of Body Language


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Through body language, people can both consciously and unconsciously communicate and convey emotions without uttering a word. Understanding common cues can help you present yourself positively as well as read how others are receiving you.

Body language refers to the nonverbal cues that communicate how people feel. Body language is often performed unconsciously; the facial expressions you make or how you hold your body can send a message to people whether you’ve verbally expressed it or not—and if you aren’t self-aware, whether you...

Maintaining good eye contact shows you're engaged and actively listening to what someone is telling you. However, if you stare too intensely, it can have the opposite effect by making the other person feel too targeted. Assess their body language in response to determine if they feel comfortable....

Having an open palm implies openness and honesty. The idea of “open arms” applies here, where you are comforting and accepting of what you are receiving. Much like being closed off suggests apprehension or guardedness. If you are hearing great ideas, receive them openly.

In addition to showing a speaker that you agree with their message, nodding your head shows others that you're listening to what they have to say. When you pair a head nod with a smile, you’re more likely to engage them with inclusive enthusiasm.

When you offer someone a firm handshake, it shows your confidence and respect. If you're the first one to reach out for a handshake, it further expresses your confidence. Firm does not mean intimidating (or painful), however. As with most physical communication, you want to be confident and prese...

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