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6 Ways to Measure Your Service Team's Social Media Messaging Success

6 Ways to Measure Your Service Team's Social Media Messaging Success


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6 Ways to Measure Your Service Team's Social Media Messaging Success

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Metrics to Track

To measure your service team's social media messaging success here are the metrics that you will need to track:

  1. Issues solved
  2. Social media customer satisfaction score
  3. Social media Net Promoter Score
  4. Inbound messages
  5. Average response time
  6. Customer sentiment


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Through social media tracking tools you can gather data about many different elements that needs tracking, such as how long it usually takes to fix a customer's issue, how long before you reply, and how many issues are solved through social media.


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Tracking success on social media messaging isn't that different from tracking the success of your other support channels (phone, email, or live chat). 

However, you'll want to separete the report because you will be looking at the scores for people who are giving customer satisfaction scores on social media as opposed to customer satisfaction in general.


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NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely your customers are to recommend your business to a friend.

By keeping track of your NPS, you will be able to gather effective data to see where customer satisfaction is coming from and you can use this to see trands and strategize for the future.


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Another way to measure the success of your social edia customer service is to look at the number of inbound messages. How often do people use social media tools to reach out versus calling or emailing? 

This will help you keep tabs on your social media customer service and keep your team properly staffed. 

You can also use call deflection strategies to encourage customers to reach out on social media instead of calling.


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Average response time is a major metric and goal that social media support teams should use. You should know how long it takes for a rep to respond to a customer's message on social media and how long it takes to solve the issue.

Ultimately, this will help you keep track of reply wait times, time to first response, and resolution rates of your social media supportinquiries. This is important because 79% of customers expect a response within 24 hours of reaching out to a brand on social media, and 40% expect a response within an hour.


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Customer sentiment is a metric that many social media tools keep track of based on mentions and conversations online. 

If you provide poor customer support on social media, you'll receive negative mentions and vice versa. The better support, the more positive mentions. 

Tracking success will help us strategize and decide how to use our social media support team in the future as digital channels become a primary way for customers to reach out to a company. 


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