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Important UX Metrics to Measure User Experience

Important UX Metrics to Measure User Experience


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Usability is “the extent to which a product helps users achieve goals in a specific use case with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.”

Why measure usability of a product?

A good user experience = More satisfied users + less errors/mistakes + more revenue for the business

As designers, we want the products we build to be satisfying and easy to use, but how can we know that’s the case? We start by measuring the user experience with evidence rather than opinion...

UX metrics are a set of quantitative data points used to measure, compare and track the user experience of a website/app over time. UX metrics measure success towards higher business goals called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as revenue growth, retention, increased user numbers.

Before collecting data, it’s a good idea to outline a basic measurement strategy.

  • Decide which metrics to measure.
  • Establish clear timeframes in order to understand the trends that emerge. The metrics gathered in a single day may tell a much different story than those gathered ...

There are 2 types of UX metrics:

  1. Behavioral metrics - that study how people interact with the product
  2. Attitudinal metrics - explore how people feel and say about the product before, during or after using it

  1. Task Success Rate - what percentage of users complete each step in a user flow.
  2. Time on Task - how long a user spends completing a specific task (on first attempt and on repeat attempts)

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS) - On a scale of 0-10how willing they are to promote you to their network
  2. System Usability Scale (SUS)- one of the most popular questionnaires used to assess the usability of a product. It consists of 10 state...

More on How to Calculate these Metrics...

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