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Why We Dropped “Fun” as a Core Value

Why We Dropped “Fun” as a Core Value

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Fun as a core value is a lie

Fun as a core value is a lie

Work isn’t supposed to be fun. It can be fun, but trying to optimize for it from the beginning is only going to hurt you in the end.

  • Choosing to work on “fun” projects at the expense of avoiding the hard, gritty, tedious ones will end up hurting your infrastructure, piling up your technical debt and stalling your growth.
  • Prioritizing the fun approach over the difficult, disciplined and results-focused one will hurt your business, it will hurt your team, and most importantly, it will hurt your customers.


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Focusing on fun is short-sighted

Too many influencers build their brands on “making work fun” for this post not to be controversial. They’ll say things like “life’s too short to not have fun at work”.

But fun is a deeply short-sighted priority. Consider having your short life filled with periods of hard work punctuated by intensely fun wins, rather than front-loading small bursts of fun and then paying for it with failure.


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