Dating In The Times of Pandemic

As offline activities for dating couples have to be avoided, the dating brands of the internet have adapted themselves fast to accommodate virtual activities and in-build video chats. 

They are making full use of the available technology to help singles date anywhere in the world virtually, talk to live Dating Experts, and virtual happy hours.



How the pandemic killed hookup culture and saved romance

Apps like OkCupid and Tinder see a decent surge in daily conversations in the last month. Ironically, the feature that they have recently introduced, Video Dating, wasn’t asked by anyone before the pandemic, as everyone preferred real dating. Now, due to everyone in lockdown, it is the most used feature and has shot up the app engagement.

Video dating, which has witnessed a 200 percent increase in OkCupid, lets the dating couples check the ‘vibe’ of their partner, and decide if the person can be dated in future.


Some of the interesting digital date ideas that are proposed in the dating Apps:

  • Build a playlist together
  • Watch TikTok Videos, trying to understand Millennials and Gen Z
  • Draw pictures of each other
  • Tackle a crossword puzzle together
  • Watch an old concert on youtube together
  • Read the same book and discuss it on video chat.



Emotional Connections

Virtual dates are important for building emotional connections, which a recent OkCupid survey reports, are what more people are looking for. There is a 20 percent decrease in ‘hookup’ users, with more users wanting a long-term relationship.

On the other hand, there is a spike of activity in the dating apps, making people spoiled for choice, and feeling less satisfied with whoever they end up committing to. Everyone being at home on video chat can also seem monotonous.


Due to the lockdown, and the resulting loneliness, boredom, and isolation, the Tinder photo ‘swiping’ feature is recording billions of swipes per day.

Recently Tinder unlocked its passport feature, which lets you meet people (virtually of course) from any part of the world. The ongoing crisis has torn down physical boundaries, and there is always one topic to talk about no matter who you are talking to.


Apart from finding the love of your life and casual dating, Dating Apps are being used by couples who are having trouble staying together in quarantine.

It may be an easy cheat for bored people looking for a thrill. Some may also be validating themselves by getting an ego boost.


  • Video Chat turned into a ‘first date’, as now suddenly meeting someone in real life after a chat conversation can be weird and even dangerous. It is like a screening device, which everyone should use.

  • An initial video chat also curbs the exaggeratedly optimistic expectations, helping manage the ‘idealization bubble’.

  • The reopening, after the pandemic ends, would most likely be a phased one, with social distancing in place and bars still closed. It’s clear that Dating Apps are having a Golden phase in 2020 and are helping people tremendously.



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