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Five Minute Morning Habits To Bring Focus To Your Day

Five Minute Morning Habits To Bring Focus To Your Day

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Be More Energetic And Focused On Your Day

For many, it is hard to get out of bed and to enter into your daily routine. Sometimes throwing the covers over your head and snuggling up into a warm, soft bed seems much better than facing reality, but what if we all adopted a few five-minute morning routines that made getting out of bed an exciting start to our day?


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Silent stretching: Whether it is on your yoga mat or in your bed, spend five minutes in the morning stretching out your body.

Shower power: took an extra five minutes to enjoy your shower. Close your eyes, and you let the hot water wash over your body. Then, indulge in a good smelling, foaming body wash or scrub, sing, play music.

Allow Mother Nature into your morning: spending time in nature in the morning is a restorative power that can help you be ready for your day.


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Listen to music: Music is healing, and it can make you smile inside and stir up warm memories.

Enjoy your food (and coffee): breakfast is your first meal of the day and provides you with the energy to complete your daily tasks. Enjoy your breakfast, savor every bite, and engage in mindful eating as you notice how the food looks, smells, and tastes with each bite.

Write down your daily goals: Spend a few minutes each morning writing down what you want to accomplish for the day.


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Anchor your daily routine by starting one morning chore: you have one less task to do at the end of the day. In addition, starting your morning with intention and purposeful acts can help motivate you throughout the day.

Express gratitude : Spend five minutes each morning expressing gratitude for the things you have in your life.

Connect with a loved one: Practicing kindness in the morning towards others can come back to you ten-fold throughout the day.

Exercise increases endorphins: Physical activity helps clear and settle the mind, and it also increases endorphins which elicit pleasure.


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