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How to stand out in a sea of freelancers

How to stand out in a sea of freelancers


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How to stand out in a sea of freelancers

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Standing out

The future of freelance work shows a huge shift into various industries. Therefore, it necessitates you to be proactive in setting yourself apart from your freelance competition if you want to succeed.

Paying particular attention to your resume can give you an edge. If you don't have a good amount of professional experience as a freelancer, highlight your hard, soft, and transferable skills that demonstrate how you can help a potential client.


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A cover letter is an opportunity to impress potential clients with your qualifications and state why you're a good fit.

Many freelancers use a generic cover letter if they even use one. However, to help you stand out, take the cover letter seriously. You may use a template to ensure it's structured, but the information should be personalised to each position and client.


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Freelancers who prioritise building their skillset stand out - whether it's keeping up with current events, learning a second language, or advancing tech or social media-related skills.

Your increasing skillset will prompt a growing career that produces quality work samples, testimonials, and an expanding knowledge base.


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If you don't grow your presence in the digital world, potential clients will have a difficult time finding you.

  • Start establishing yourself as a top freelancer in your industry with a professional website that includes your portfolio of work on it, shares who you are as a person and as a freelancer, and details your services.
  • Add a blog to advance your reputation as an expert in your industry.
  • Network with other freelancers in your industry on social media.
  • Explore how to grow your freelancer brand in the physical world.


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If your ideal clients prefer in-person interaction, consider relocating to where they are.

Before relocating, consider:

  • How much it will cost
  • How you will notify clients
  • What you'll need to do to prepare yourself for the move
  • A moving budget
  • How you will keep your freelance business materials safe.


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