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If something about your job doesn’t quite seem to fit your life or ambitions anymore, you are not alone. Around the world, employees are rethinking what they want and need at work.


Mulling a Career Pivot? 3 Things to Consider

Mulling a Career Pivot? 3 Things to Consider


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The Great Resignation Continues

Forty-one percent of the global workforce is likely to consider quitting their job this year, with 46 percent contemplating a “major pivot or career transition,” reports


The power dynamic has changed. Employees have more leverage now. Companies are changing so much that they might be more open to something they rejected before.

As companies figure out how to adapt and retain talent, now is a good time to brainstorm what is important to you. So be bold and imagine your ideal future job. Get actionable.“What do you want to do, drop, delegate, decline, or dare to do?” Taaffe asks.

Employees who have worked in a compa...

As you explore opportunities, you will need to translate your wants and needs in ways that are beneficial to the company that is considering you. As companies’ value propositions for employees evolve, you should position your priorities as part of their solution.

You have to be prepared to...

  • Listen for vulnerability and transparency as they talk about the challenges the company has been through over the last two years.
  • No company has all of the answers, especially in the pandemic. If they respond as they do, you know you aren’t talking to a learning organization where ...

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