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How to apply to full-time jobs with a freelance resume

How to apply to full-time jobs with a freelance resume

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Freelancer applying for a full-time position

Freelancer applying for a full-time position

A freelancer applying for a full-time position may find it challenging to press a variety of experiences into an application designed for applicants with a history of full-time positions.

Freelancers could approach the application process from an angle that frames their experiences so that it is easy to understand to those unfamiliar with freelance work.


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Rework your resume and vocabulary

Getting through the first round of the hiring process often means adapting your resume to match the job description. Freelancers may have multiple jobs within a two-year period where the roles are similar to one "title.

  • A freelancer could describe the title's responsibility for a full-time job description that asks for 'two to three years of relevant experience."
  • Where one has to put the company's name, instead of listing 50+ projects, consider placing a label that describes your situation, e.g. Freelance position, clients include x.y.z. etc.
  • Or include a summary of attributes.


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Single out a success story

It may not be suitable to list the thirty projects you've worked on in the last six months, but you can single out one or two success stories that capture the main shape of your freelance work.

Ensure to use something unique that will leave them with a memorable scenario.


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Highlight your strengths as a freelancer

You may need to fit your experiences into the box of a full-time job application process.

Don't hide the nature of your work. Own it. It brings a unique set of strengths that other employees may not have. Highlight that you've worked under different leadership styles, that you had to manage yourself, you have drive and know how to work your expertise.


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