Your Most Passionate Employees May Not Be Your Top Performers - Deepstash
Your Most Passionate Employees May Not Be Your Top Performers

Your Most Passionate Employees May Not Be Your Top Performers

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The Benefits of a Calling

The Benefits of a Calling

Managers might be misperceiving calling-oriented employees’ levels of performance and this might affect how the managers decided to reward those employees.

  • Calling-oriented employees tend to volunteer to perform extra tasks, so managers might extrapolate these signals to see them as more self-driven, hardworking, and committed. 
  • Managers tend to judge employee performance and commitment based on easily available information rather than a detailed assessment on output or results. 
  • The sense of obligation to reward good deeds is a moral and social norm, but by adhering to it without adequate information managers can end up rewarding “good” behaviors that don’t actually benefit the company.


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The Halo – and Deceit – of Purpose

Managers should not get carried away by the current obsession with seeking a higher purpose at work. This may create an unhealthy culture of employees signaling a sense of purpose they might not have, or it may drive away job-oriented workers.

Having employees with different career orientation types contributes to the diversity of organizations. Studies show that work teams benefit from having both calling- and job-oriented members: The former boost the team’s energy with their strong sense of purpose; the latter help to keep the team grounded.


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