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Top 10 core habits - one must know, in order to become successful in life

Top 10 core habits - one must know, in order to become successful in life


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Stop Listening To Your Emotion

Human beings are emotional creatures- we need emotion to connect with other people but at times it also comes with drawbacks. And that is, we sometimes get carried away with the emotion. It could be angrier, sadness, fear and so on. It is during this time, that we must learn to stand and defend o...

 You become what you think about the whole day long

Our unconscious thoughts have a profound effect on our mindset and also our behavior. We act and react based on the information that goes into our minds. When you think negative thoughts - negative events occur more often. You don't have to feel surprised at these. That is how things work- there ...

Self-education is the best, education that you can give to yours

Our real education in life begins after school. In school, we are not taught, on overcoming real-life situations. And that is why we have to rely on self-education. Some of the, greatest life lessons that I have learned came from self-education, not from school education. How to create a business...

There is not just thing call luck or lucky star

One of the worst sins, we all commit at some point of time in our life is. We think if we would have luck then we would have achieved our dreams. But in reality luck or lucky star never really exist. You get luckier, when you endure pain, when you keep working hard on your goals, even if it get's...

 A person who never gives up is the person who can achieve

Sometimes you feel bored, sometimes you will feel like giving up when things are not working the way you want. That is the time when you got to push harder than before - successful people have a habit of doing the boring thing again and again. Even if, they feel bore - cause, they know - if they ...

Always embrace the change

When we embrace change- we are growing, But when we refuse to embrace the change. We stop growing because change is inevitable. Stoic Philosopher once said " Ignore what you can't change and accept what you can change" And in life, we will come across many things we will not be able to change- an...

Your time is your valuable asset

At one point in time, we realize that we can't get back the lost time. While, when we are young it is really hard to digest this fact. As we get older, we begin to realize that - time is a non-renewable resource. You can get back the lost opportunity. But, you can't get back the lost time. It is ...

Always live in the present someday you gonna be right!

When you are living in past, you are actually playing back the past story over again and again. It means, if you are past was bad then you are bringing back bad things again and again and only to make you are self feel worst each day. When you go out of the trap of living in past. You are having ...

Remember "You can become what you want to be only when you work

London Taxi drivers had to remember the routes of London streets in order to qualify for the taxi driving license. An interesting fact has come up when a researcher scans the Taxi driver's brain on and before obtaining the taxi driving license.

Avoiding pain is the worst mistake one can make in life.

Pain is temporary, regret is permanent and forever. Why? would you want to avoid pain, when you know that pain is a teacher? When you know that it will help you grow into the person that you want to be. When you know that you will not stay forever. Someone said it so well - "Pain will leave you, ...

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