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Why Your Team Should Invest Time In Workflow Documentation

Why Your Team Should Invest Time In Workflow Documentation


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Why Your Team Should Invest Time In Workflow Documentation

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What Is Workflow Documentation?

Workflow documentation is the roadmap to completing essential tasks at your organization. When done correctly, this documentation can be handed off to another individual at your organization, and they can complete the task completely independently.

Rather than a static guide, workflow documentation is a living, breathing record that allows you to track your progress and improve your processes. While software can help you create workflow documentation, you can use anything from a checklist to a whiteboard to make this record.


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  • It helps optimize processes: You can’t improve upon what you can’t even see.
  • It ensures accountability: Without workflow documentation, anytime there’s a blocker, it’s a challenge to find out who or what caused it.
  • It takes the confusion out of employee onboarding.
  • It eases merger or acquisition transitions. Workflow documentation is a tangible and intangible benefit to the buyer, and therefore, the seller.
  • It helps scale your business: For a business that wants to grow in a scalable manner, not only do the processes and workflows need to be documented, but they need to be systemized and automated.
  • It safeguards organizational knowledge: When an employee leaves your organization, what happens to the unique processes and systems they developed over the years?


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  • Step 1: Define desired outcomes: Once you’ve defined your team’s desired outcomes, you have a better idea of the workflows that need to be documented, and you’re ready for step two.
  • Step 2: Carry out and capture every step of your current workflows: Now it’s time to perform your workflows in real-time and record each step as you go.
  • Step 3: Analyze ways to streamline and automate: The more you automate your workflow, the more time and energy you give back to your team so they can do more meaningful work.
  • Step 4: Continue to test and refine: Workflow documentation can and should change as your business grows and you better optimize your processes.


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